ICE COACHING: The Ultimate Education Experience and the Perks we Provide


Creating long-lasting change is the goal of coaching. Making improvement in all the areas of your life that are most important to you is the goal. The spark that ignites this collaboration is a coach. They establish an environment in which you can expand on your skills and learn more about yourself. This is a journey that takes you toward the vision you have in mind.   – Taymour Miri, the creator of ICE and a certified Gallup Strengthsfinder as well as an ICF Master Coach and Leadership Coach.


why choose us:

One of the first organizations at ICE to apply for and be granted the new ICF L1, L2, L3, and Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching is our organization. Every one of our programs incorporates Strength Based Business Development and goes above and beyond the minimum ICF requirements for accreditation. Taymour Miri, an ICF Master Certified Coach, Advanced Certified Team Coach, and Gallup Certified Strength Coach, created all of the programs. We always operate in accordance with our core values—integrity, customer service, growth, accountability, and strengths-based teams—and are results-oriented. By joining ICE, With ICF certified coach training you are committing yourself to a lifetime of involvement in a global community spanning five continents.


Our founder:

One of the 136 coaches worldwide to receive the Advanced Certification in Team Coaching is Taymour Miri, the creator of ICE and a member of its faculty. He is also a seasoned Master Certified Coach and a Gallup Strength Coach. He has trained more than 1800 professional coaches on five continents and has more than 20 years of teaching expertise. At ICE, we take great satisfaction in creating and delivering our programs above and above the International Coach Federation (ICF) “gold” requirements.


What our program provides:

As soon as you become a member of the ICE community, your Executive coaching education adventure and experience begin. To help you get settled in as soon as possible, our support staff walks you through an onboarding process and stays in touch with you along the way. You can communicate directly with the faculty members and enjoy a lifetime access to the ICE community forum. ICE opposes a system that uses your input to improve itself continuously over the course of the program.  The figures are self-explanatory.


Career opportunity:

Join us on November 29 for a free ICE Cafe session if you’re interested in becoming a coach or improving as a coach. Following a demonstration of a strength-based coaching conversation utilizing ICF standards by Taymour Miri, an ICF MCC and Gallup Strength Coach, there will be a Q&A and a discussion of some of the key distinctions. Additionally, there will be a raffle with a chance to win a special promotion for one of our upcoming coach training courses.



Throughout the learning process, you will have an MCC lead trainer by your side, both in-person in the learning groups and virtually. Taymour Miri has developed over forty distinct tools that are tailored to your learning style in order to help this.

You have access to the expertise and knowledge of the faculty as a lifetime member of ICE.We at ICE go above and beyond the ICF basic standards for coaching education. This combines the strength and business development with the in-depth coach training. An MCC coach works closely with the team and the instructors to deliver you the best possible experience during your learning process.



In conclusion if you were looking for Life coach training online then you came to the right place because our coaching facility is filled with professional and highly educated staff, we also have a Life coach certification program and not only that, but we have tons of information regarding our plans and our key points when you are studying with us, so even if you weren’t looking for Life Coach certification we have something for you aswell.






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